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We are engaged in offering Pharmaceutical Products which are customized as per the specifications of our esteemed clients. Our team is well versed with the latest technology emerging in the field of medical science. Having wide experience in our field we thoroughly understand the basic requirements of our clients. Our unit conducts several quality checks at each stage of production.

Zoledronic Acid Injection IP



What is zolic and how does it works ?
ZOLIC is a type of drug known as a bisphosphonate. It is used to help treat cancer that has spread to the bones, usually along with other treatments such as chemotherapy. It REDUCES therisk of fractures and other bone problems. It is also used to lower high blood calcium levels in PATIENTS who have cancer in the bones. Some cancers that start in the bones (such as multiple myeloma) or that can spread to the bones (such as breast cancer) can cause the breakdown of bone. This process can release large amounts of calcium into the blood. This condition, known as hypercalcemia, can be dangerous. Cancer in the bones can also lead to fractures and other problems. Zoledronic acid stops bone cells called osteoclasts from breaking down the hard mineral structure of bone. This slows the growth of tumors in the bone. It also slows the release of calcium into the blood, which helps lower calcium levels in the body.

How is zolic given?
Zolic is given as an injection into a intravenous over 15 minutes or more. The usual dose is 4 milligrams (mg), although the dose may need to be lower in patient with kidney problems. The timing will depend on the reason you are getting the drug. When zolic is used to treat hypercalcemia it is often given as a one-time dose. To help treat tumors in the bones, it is often given once every 3 to 4 weeks. Patient will likely be given IV fluids and/or advised to drink plenty of fluids while getting thisdrug to keep them hydrated and reduce the chance of kidney damage. it may also recommendthat patient should take a multi-vitamin (with vitamin D) and a calcium supplement each day.